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Programs Offered


The department of Education offers Bachelors in Education (B.Ed) with the following Major and Minor fields of concentration.

Major Fields Of Concentration [Subject A]

    • English Language
    • Mathematics
    • Religious Studies
    • Management
    • Accounting
    • Information Technology
    • Social Studies

Minor Fields Of Concentration [Subject B]

    • English Language
    • Study of Religions
    • Management
    • Accounting
    • Information Technology

Major and Minor Selection

Students in the department should choose at least one Major [i.e. Subject A] and one Minor [i.e. Subject B].  The Minor selected should be different from the Major.  If a student wishes to take two Majors then a Minor field of concentration is not required.
Students taking Information Technology as a Major need not select a Minor [i.e Subject B].  This is because BEd Information Technology Majors are required to complete 78 Credits instead of the normal 51 Credits for an Education Major.